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Scheduled Maintenance and Mowing

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Regular Mowing

We can set up a maintenance plan specifially for you.  Metro Nashville Stormwater suggests a minimum of twice per year to cut back the vegetation in most ponds.  That works fine in some areas, however some (especially more visible ones) will need to be mowed or cleaned up more often.  

Trash Cleanup

Trash is simply a part of Stormwater runoff.  Eventually trash that is not properly disposed of is going to wind up somewhere and many times that is in a SCM.  That is actually quite good because it is keeping the trash from reaching your local streams and rivers!  As part of our mainteanance agreement we will clean up trash and unwanted debris from your SCM also!


We can perform routine inspections along with our scheduled mainteancne so that if there are any issues you will know about them and we can help you handle them.

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